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High School Photography- Class 38 – Grades 9-12


The Standard Newspaper Photography Contest
• One entry per section
• No alterations to digital prints will be allowed
• Photos must not exceed 4” x 6”, and must be mounted on a max. 6” x 8”
black or white background, unless otherwise stated.
• See Junior Fair Photography Class 26 for more rules and regulations.
• 1st Place photographs will be kept by The Standard Newspaper for
publication. Only first names of exhibitors will be used when published.
1st Prize: $25, 2nd Prize: $20, 3rd Prize $15 Sponsored by The Standard Newspaper

  1. Selfie
  2. Action shot with people in it
  3. Action shot with animal(s) in it
  4. Favourite food
  5. Front page news photo with caption
  6. Favourite thing(s) I saw at the 2023 Port Perry Fair