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Professional Photography – 18 yrs and older


Open to Professional Photographers Only; anyone making a part time or full time living from their photography, sold or shown in galleries, is employed or has been employed in a field related to photography.

Exhibitors should read both the “Homecraft” rules and the “General” rules (see index).

Rules and regulations
• No previous Port Perry Fair winning photos to be entered.
• One entry per section.
• Photos must not exceed 5”x7” and must be mounted on a black or white
background, not to exceed 6”x8”.
• All photographs to be taken by the exhibitor. By signing the entry
form, the exhibitor certifies that he/she is the originator of the photo.
• No digitally enhanced photos allowed.
• Attach entry tag securely to the right hand side of photo.
(See illustration at beginning of Photography section)
• No business names or identifying logos permitted.
Prizes: 1st $7, 2nd $5, 3rd $4, 4th $2

44. Rural Life – colour
45. Celebration – colour
46. All in a Row – colour
47. Street Scene – black and white
48. Roots Run Deep – black and white
49. Effective us of Black & White